Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Windows and Walls

 Only a fortnight left until lockup - we lost a week through rain but other than that, there have been workers on site every day - can't ask for much more than that. The men always make you feel welcome on site and they all claim to be excited working on something a bit on the complicated side. Although I didn't ask them immediately after lifting the rather heavy windows into position...

All the windows were lifted by the men - I didn't ask how they got them up the ladder - there was a crane on site to lift roofing material up, I hope they used that.

 Our bedroom coming together nicely

 The front is still rather overwhelming, scaffolding will be down soon, will be like unwrapping a big present.

Outside the family room

Inside the family room - would have liked all windows along front as it faces north but that would have left us with very little wall space.

 and the back, a little distorted as it's a patched together photo. From left to right, our bedroom, dining room  (with room for a deck to go in eventually) and the family room

and the family room leading onto the Alfresco area.

It's not getting any smaller....