Friday, June 21, 2013

Look dear, they're building a fort...

I have decided that all my post titles from now on will be quotes from friends, builders or any one really...

This week quote comes from an old family friend talking to his wife, who was viewing the pictures for the first time. The kids would have loved turrets...

And the front door is finally in position - just waiting for the side window panels now -

two weeks ago -

Then last weekend when we visited the house, we weren't expecting anything to have happened but turned the corner and found this waiting for us - nice and solid, the handrail to be added near the end of the build.

Love the Ironbark wood
All the silver paper went on to protect the front door during the rains, still waiting for lockup

And all the internal walls are done, giving us a better idea of the space we have -

this is our bedroom, with inset above the bed -

This is our walk in - walk past really - wardrobe - yep, it is way over the top and amuses us in an embarrassed sort of way every time we see it

Family room, 

Kitchen, the waste pipe is in the wrong place by a few centimetres, meaning the bench has had to be altered a little (extending feature tiles down the front of the bench and no kickboard at the front), will await judgement as to how that will turn out -

Rumpus room, nice and bright and sunny, a good size we think at this stage - I'm standing in Meaghan's bedroom, also facing north with great views, probably the pick of the bedrooms.

 We have found a number of these leaf imprints in the floor in the family room, it seems a shame that they will be covered up with tiles..

And this is our new backyard, still lots of room, just need a garden designer to help plan it all out- I have no idea.

The tilers have been in this week, internal doors have been hung -
                  then the painters and the joiners are next up, all happening very quickly now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We have a front door!

Granted, it is sitting in the garage rather than it the big hole at the front of the house but it will make those last important steps this week!

Our  ensuite bath -framing
 and then initial gyprocking - our original tiling (mosaics on the top) isn't going to work so we are currently deciding what to do - but there will be mosaics on the vertical curving bit -

 Some of our wiring (eep) - this is Geoff's play cupboard where all things data/audio visual will run out of
 And the scene of our first theft on site - someone wandered in (and we have our suspicions..) and grabbed a handful of speaker wire and snipped them off at the top.  I suppose we should be thankful that was all they wanted but will mean that there will be joiners along the wire, not sure how that will affect things later down the track..

My walk in pantry and kitchen - Henry is now officially bored with the whole thing -

 Initial plaster work on the ceiling is all done, starting to get a feel for the room now

  And the front entrance is getting higher and higher -

The gyprocking as all done now, so they have to get it prepared for painting next, still very rough at the moment.

Everything is ramping up, We saw the joiners yesterday, they are going to start on the laundry (the easiest) as soon as possible and then they are hoping to start on the kitchen in the next three weeks. They are keen for the stairs to go in so they don't have to haul cabinetry up the ladder, I get that...

 It is all on track for a September finish date, maybe even sooner. Will have better photos next time as Geoff has taken most on his iphone and my computer log in does not like them at all.