Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Unwrapped - for the moment

Ok, this all happened a month ago, we've been a bit busy moving to update the blog, the house is coming along nicely now.The scaffolding came down and then went back up again to do the roof etc. But for a few weeks, the house was showing some of it's potential...
 We keep referring to the finish as crisp, but that seems to be the best way to describe it. The work so far has been top quality and we are so pleased with the results so far.

 The front door and side windows are still coming, can't wait for them to arrive.

 The side of the house, meaghan's room upstairs, guest room, bathroom and laundry and door into the garage down stairs

 The entrance hall. the photo is taken from where the stairs will start, the landing is already there and the rest will remain open - it is a wonderful space (I still can't believe how high the ceiling will be here)

 The back, the cocky's have had their autumn fun, hence the greenery on the ground. Happy there is still plenty of backyard.

 The front, the tree is still hanging in there.

The roof is now on, the electrical and plumbing has started going in and they are currently rendering all the red brick areas. Winter has set in this week so glad they have all but finished all the outside bits. We've been very lucky with the weather only losing a couple of days, but now it can rain (please).

We are not sure what the rules are about putting the plans up with regards to copyright etc so I won't put them up here. You will just have to come and visit if you want to check out the floorplan (there will be a nice guest room for you...).


  1. Holy moly!!!!! Looking good, looks like you have loads of room for visitors from NZ ;)

  2. Looks great, that heated slab floor is the perfect thing for minus degree mornings! I think back to my childhood in Canberra when most families had ONE oil heater in the lounge room, breathing fog in bedrooms in the early morning with only flannelette sheets and electric blankets to get us through, a heat floor was what dreams were made of!