Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, I don't have to wake up every morning and look at it...

One of the joiners when we told him the colour that we had previously chosen for our walk in ward robe. I still don't think it would have been too bad (it was a dark brown ) and I am a bit disappointed in the blandness of the shelves in the now finished robes. But I guess they won't date and let's face it - they will be covered with clothes all the time any way.

The outside hasn't changed so only inside shots today - scale is a bit hard to judge, you all just have to come look yourself...

 We are getting close - about a month away from finishing - all the main painting is done (kids got to choose s feature wall each), we  have finally selected a finish for the front of our bench and the carpet colour is chosen (charcoal).

 Study nook

 Meaghan's room (it is actually a bit brighter than this)

 Henry's room - notice the two plain white plastic covers in the bottom right hand corner? The electrician cut out the holes for the power point and data point in the wrong spot (behind the heater) and decided to cover them up rather than, I don't know, patch them up maybe??? All should have been done before the painters were in...

And Matt's room - looks so good. What you can't see is that each window frames the tree tops so it is a natural gallery, changing with the seasons (And Matt probably won't even notice - outside exists in only in theory.. 

and the lounge room - the carpet will be the same tone as the wall - just a bit darker - and there will eventually be joinery along the bottom of the wall.

 Finally have gotten our glass panels next to the front door

 Stair lights are in

 old picture of kitchen but hasn't changed yet - still waiting for the bench front to come in (have settled on a diamond shaped brushed satin stainless steel)

The downstairs light switches  (ok getting dull now..) - still hoping the switch for the fan will appear on the far wall and the electrician puts in the dimmer switches we paid for in the lounge room...

It's all the little things that are adding up to be really annoying at the moment - it doesn't help that the main electrician is an idiot....

Decision fatigue has set in and it will be a relief to move in just so we don't spend our night debating the pros and cons of taps, power points, bench finishes etc anymore.

Having a second meeting with a landscape designer this week - he is very excited to get a chance to work on our block, hope we can get some enthusiasm up for him.


  1. Ooh wow all coming along nicely! How exciting not long to go now K ;)

  2. OMG Karen, looking Uh-mazing!!! Loving study nook. Needs chandelier though. Also, god those builders and trades types can be tactless....

  3. Wardrobe? What - wasting those fab width & height shelves on clothes...sorry...look MADE for papers, to me:):)!!!!!!!!! Rest is looking great....sooo M hasn't even seen the colour on her interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Looks fantastic Karen! Can't wait to see it!

  5. I'm jealous that you are so far along the road to finishing. It looks totally awesome!!! I think you are officially winning now!