Monday, September 24, 2012

The old house

About a year ago, after painting both Matt's and Henry's rooms, we decided it was time to update the house. We had plans for renovations but we knew they were a compromise. So off to display homes for us.

Many, many homes later, only one or two builders had interested us.

And then we stumbled, purely by chance, upon a display home in Yarralumla. It was the last weekend it was open to the public and we fell in love. The builder was also there and after talking to Ivan we were pretty sure we had found our match.

A little under 12 months later, our house lays in rubbles and we are hoping that by winter 2013 we will be in.

So a photo heavy blog was required to follow our journey.

The old house - from the outside -

The asbestos laden addition to the very original house

 The original bit of the house, laundry door, bathroom and Henry's room - 
all taking full advantage of the north facing wall (!!!)

 And the front. Nice and private, cleverly concealing the house.

Will miss the plants out the front...

Will not miss the grey bricks, the asbestos brown cladding, the loosely fitting windows, the dodgy wiring, the clogged drains, the overhead wires, the list is pretty well endless.

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  1. ...and now I understand why you're sooo enjoying your rented home in the meanwhile. This is pretty grim....crossing fingers you're in the New Manor House on time:):) BTW...I am a sticky beak re: houses....sorry, but I will be lurking:):):)