Saturday, October 20, 2012

It Begins...

 Our big empty block (with our remaining trees and an inviting patch of grass) is no longer a picture of emptiness -

 Lots of trenches, outlining the promise of things to come -

 The garage outline
 (tree in background is on our block and looking it's spring time best)-

Footings this week, Slab/waffle pod (nope, not sure exactly what this is either, needed for hydronic heating and our ground type) should be going down over the next month or so.

And after an interesting week of final quote (if I were the type of person to say OMG, then here would be the appropriate place to say it..) - we had a positive meeting with the builder and got it back on track - should be a much better sleep tonight...

Plus a bottle of Moet from the builder always help smooth the path.


  1. hope that Moet only lasted 5 mins! ;)

  2. I want your builder...what a gem! Even if I'm not going to build anything, what a nice gesture. Even if I don't drink, it's still a nice gesture. Guess what? We're'll be wishing NOT soon enough with inane comments like the above. I'd also like a subwaffle pod, or whatever it's called. SOunds Goon Show-ish. SOunds neat!!!! Not much time to look...but I will get a chance. Off to Penrith Craft Show today with Mum...planned from before our OS trip - I'd won free tickets!!! So in the past 48 hours I'll have trammed it [Istanbul], plane [won't mention business class...] train home & then hoofed it, now back on the bus, train, train.....aaah the Jest Setting Life. WOops. Meant JET!!!:):):):) Hope the house is moving forward inch by inch:):)