Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who said you can't build a house out of Styrofoam?

Turned up to the house last night to find these stacked out the front -

Was quite surprised really. Can only hazard guess that these are part of the slab/insulation layer.

The pipes are in, so at this moment they are filling in around the pipes, doing something with the styrofoam and hopefully thinking about pouring the slab.

This is our ensuite - very inviting -

Geoff standing on the walkway outside the family room - the drop off is considerably higher than we imagined - lots of shade in summer,.

The drop down from the family/dining, will eventually be a small deck and steps here - again, perfect for summer.

And our poor tree out the front is suffering,

Every time we go past, another branch has bitten the dust.  Hopefully it will survive intact. Will be filthy if it dies as we had the garage/driveway designed around it.

 Our latest area of expertise is hydronic heating - the Hydronic manifold (I even know what that is now) has been moved three times and is now in the laundry - don't say I never put interesting facts up on this blog...


  1. Sometimes on Grand Designs, they actually use that foam as building blocks & fill it with cement to create the walls. Very clever. But obviously you'd know if that's what was going on here, 'cos anyone who knows what a hydrolic manifold is, knows everything. Dammit...gonna have to look it up now.....