Saturday, December 8, 2012

We have a Hydronic Manifold!

All the heating is in, the slab is poured and they have started on the frame - very big week.

 The styrofoam base, pre-heating installation -

 And there she is, our very own hydronic manifold in (we hope) one of the laundry cupboards

 In goes the hydronic heating pipes - and no, Peter who was installing the mesh would not put a shirt or sunscreen on...

There seems to be an awful lot of looking at the plans with worried looks -

 And then the nice big concrete crane arrived

The street gets a bit crowded (and the road is getting quite mangled) -


Henry had half an hour away from school to watch a bit of the action -

Garage floor first -

and then the rest - took most of the day

more pictures of finished slab and the beginning of the frame soon - apparently the frame will take some time as it's 'a bit complicated'.

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  1. Weird how the house looks ginormous, then small, then just right as the build progresses...well, that was my experience many moons ago. Good to get the slab done. Complicated, huh???!!!!!! I thought you were having a square foam box:):):):):)