Thursday, December 13, 2012

Starting to take shape

Two days after the slab was laid, the first of the frame went up - again after much consternation amongst the carpenters - still an awful lot of shaking heads over the plans...
 But it is very exciting seeing walls go up and spaces becoming defined -

Laundry cupboards (yes one whole side of laundry is all cupboards, who knew cupboards could make you so happy?)
 Guest bathroom, Geoff thinks it looks small, I'll reserve judgement until gyprocking is done...

 Hall from garage to kitchen- Henry is getting more comfortable venturing on site

 Very happy place - walk in pantry -

 Then they started on the garage - day 1 

day 2 - first of the windows goes in -
 and our bedroom, step down from family/dining area -
We are hoping for the first floor framing to be completed before the Christmas/January break, the garage should be finished as well at the rate it is going up.


  1. Blow the guests...who gives a ...... LOVE those laundry cupboards. My mum had a row like this filled to the brim with preserves, jams, pickles & eggs. I expect you'll be doing the same???!!!!!! Oh, or is that what the walk in pantry is for:):):):) it's certainly moving quickly atm....good stuff!!!!

  2. WOW....things are really shaping up!!!!!
    I agree cupboards make me very happy......

  3. DUDE! They call it gyp rock there? We call it sheet rock. Wow. How strange. Regardless, I don't mind putting plaster on anything except the wall...on the wall, quite the pain! It's amazing how fast the framing goes up. It's the finish work that takes ages and ages! And yes, cupboards rock!