Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holy Scaffolding Batman!!

This a polite non swearing version of what we say each time we sight the house...

After a few weeks off for Christmas, the men have been back on site just about everyday. Some days, not much seems to happen and other days our eyes just about pop out.

A week after we came back, this is what we were greeted with- so cool to see the first floor taking shape.
Matt's room  with the windows and the rumpus upstairs.

Then a couple of days later, more windows, this time Meagan's room.

And then the scaffolding started going up -  as well as roof trusses -

And then more scaffolding-


 It is now starting to take on mammoth proprtions, thanks largely to the sheer amount of metal work surrounding the actual house (hopefully this will make the house seem smaller when this all comes down)

This week they have been working on the roof trusses for the family room and our room and hopefully start on getting a roof on.


  1. Wow!!! And is that a pool I see going in the back? Ok, sorry, I'll try and move in (oops I mean ON)...
    Looking good.x.

  2. It's like a baby...growing fast.....& I hate to break the news,'s BIG!!! Lovely, tho, seeing it mushroom....& I'm sorry...Luna Landing is off to the's ME who's moving in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!